TAARZONE Is Fighting For YOUR Movement

The Animal Rights Movement itself is under attack from within as your reading this.  There exists a cult like movement headed by a man called Gary Francione who are trying their best to divide and even destroy the movement.  TAARZONE was started by a group of Animal Rights Activists to inform activists about the cult and expose cult members who are hiding within the movement using underhanded tactics and lies to cause confusion and division.  All of this threatens to destroy the movement and does nothing to help the voiceless animals we are all trying to help.  The cult actively tries to discredit good activists and organisations such as Sea Shepherd, ALF and others simply to keep the movement immobile.  Why does any of this matter?  Click here to find out....

TAARZONE consulted the online Animal Rights Community about whether we should continue our campaign against the cult and promised to abide by their wishes.  We're happy to say the majority wanted us to continue however it appears mistakes TAARZONE has made in identifying cult members has lowered the communities confidence in TAARZONE.  We make this oath that TAARZONE will not identify anyone as a cult member unless we have ALL of the following proof:

1)  We have witnessed them say that they are part of the cult

2)  They have attacked non cult member/s for refusing to join or agree with the cult

3)  They blindly defend cult leader Francione or cult site ARZone

4)  Our insiders confirm they are indeed a cult member

With this in mind we will not be altering the current TAARZONE list of cult members since we have all of the above for those already identified.